Castle Map Out Now! v0.2.0

By Taibi7 on 7 February, 2018 in Patch Notes.

Be the King of the Castle! Our Castle map is out now. This medieval map consists out of 5 rooms: The Throne room, the Armory, the Kitchen, the Storage room and the Barracks. We have more then 45 new props. Can you guess our favorite prop? We’ll give a hint: it is delicious to eat!

New SoulRace Maps! v0.1.3

By Taibi7 on 14 January, 2018 in Patch Notes.

Two new SoulRace maps Trying to figure out what to do tonight? Force your enemies down the edge of the earth in the 2 new SoulRace maps!

Checkpoints, Soul skins, Bugs squashed! v0.1.2

By Taibi7 on 27 December, 2017 in Patch Notes.

As the holidays are passing we have been working on a new patch! We squashed some bugs here and there, added new customization items in SoulHunt and added checkpoints in SoulRace. New Soul Skins New soul skins have been added to the game. Check them out in the customization screen! SoulRace Checkpoints We have added

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Demo out now! Play for free! v0.1.1

By Taibi7 on 15 December, 2017 in Patch Notes.

Demo release Are your friends playing SoulHunt? Do you want to play along, but you don’t have the game yet? Well you could of course always just buy the game too, we would like that 🙂 But we understand that you want try before you buy, so we have come up with a solution. Drumroll

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