Demo out now! Play for free! v0.1.1

By Taibi7 on 15 December, 2017 in Patch Notes.

Demo release

Are your friends playing SoulHunt? Do you want to play along, but you don’t have the game yet? Well you could of course always just buy the game too, we would like that 🙂

But we understand that you want try before you buy, so we have come up with a solution. Drumroll please … We now have a DEMO! We have released a demo version where you can try the game out for free for a limited period of time.

With our demo version, you will be able to play both with people who only have the demo, and with people who have actually bought the game. Go hunt those Souls!

Discount for a limited time!

We also have SoulHunt on sale for a limited time so be quick if you want to buy the game!

Main menu refresh

The main menu screen has been updated to make it easier to get started in a room. However, you will still be able to create and join custom games just like it used to be.

Bug fixes

Synchronization issue of player movement has been fixed! (Shoutout to Rubixus and Connor!)

We also fixed a bug where you got disconnected when a new players joins the room while you as the master client were still loading the map. If you like to see what technically the problem was you can check out the forum post here.

Networking performance improvements should also decrease the amount of disconnects.