New Game Mode SoulRace! Patch v0.1.0

By Taibi7 on 18 August, 2017 in Patch Notes.

New game mode

As we have been working on smaller features, we also have been working on our new game mode “SoulRace”. This game mode is finally ready for release! [Insert joy]

Now, how does this new game mode work? You will be a random prop, for example a chicken, a fetus, a fire extinguisher, etc. and with this prop you will have to race for your life and reach the end point first. Easy right?

Here is the catch, you will be annoyed by your fellow players. Push each other off cliffs, force ragdoll states, breakdance right in the middle of jumps… Only those skilled enough will survive and leave their friends behind.

2.500 points are given to the winner of the race, but you will also get points for killing off other players. On the other hand you will also lose points if you die yourself.

Now let the race begin!

Patch notes V0.1.0 18/08/2017:

New Features

  • Added new game mode: SoulRace.
  • Added basic scoring system.
  • Added game rounds, after an amount of rounds the map will change.
  • Added stats on scoreboard.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Robot sensor skill how to play text not matching actual time of skill.
  • Fixed bug of loading the main menu 3 times.


  • Changed jump mechanics, now you can jump once even when you are not grounded.
  • Player tags of your team will always show on top of your screen.
  • Sprint will not consume soul power when you are not moving.