Patch v0.0.3a: AoE Attack Changes!

By Taibi7 on 29 January, 2017 in Patch Notes.

AoE attack changes

The secondary explosion (AoE) attack will now be obstructed by obstacles like walls/doors and other static objects souls might be hiding in/behind. This will force the hunters to hunt more thoroughly in order to find and collect their souls!


Patch notes V0.0.3a 01/29/2016:

Bug Fixes

  • Reaper now does not dissolve on death anymore.
  • Props won’t get damaged anymore when deactivated.
  • Checks now done on the players playing in the round to check who is the winner instead of all the instantiated players.


  • Invisibility skill now will cancel the action when doing a damage skill.
  • AoE now has line of sight checks from the AoE position to the player.
  • Added self damage of 5 health to the hunter when hitting obstructed players.
  • Win text now has a color depending on the winner.
  • Skins: Updated santa pants.
  • Scene: Removed christmas assets.