Patch v0.0.3: Moving Ragdolled Props!

By Taibi7 on 16 January, 2017 in Patch Notes.


With the provided feedback we’ve received, a few balance changes were made and also the the ability to apply torque to your possessed object while in ragdoll state has been added. Feel free to further provide us with feedback and ideas as it can only help us improve the game with the upcoming patches!



Patch notes V0.0.2a 01/02/2016:

New features

  • Movement buttons will now apply torque to your possessed prop in ragdoll state as a hider.
  • Added new hat for the reaper.
  • Added church bells sound effects when going into game state on the graveyard map.

Bug Fixes

  • Animated props will now animate properly on remote clients.


  • Soul Trail: Changed the way soul trail works on hiders. The soul trail will not emit when possessing into something
  • Soul Trail: The soul trail also won’t emit when in ragdoll state.
  • Hunter’s AoE Attack:Updated self damage to 15 instead of 10 when not hitting a player with AoE attacks.
  • Hunter’s Single Shot: Lowered cooldown of singleshot from 0.2s to 0.15s.