New Year, New Patch + Mac and Linux Build! Patch notes V0.0.2a

By Taibi7 on 5 January, 2017 in Patch Notes.


The Mac and Linux Build has been released on the store along with some new updates, have a thrilling new year!

Patch notes V0.0.2a 01/02/2016:

New features

  • Added more Reaper santa hats.
  • Skillbar will now show be highlighted when using a skill and show the action duration.

Bug Fixes

  • Invisibility skill will now correctly hide when having a customized Reaper.
  • Selection screen is not exitable with escape when selecting the hunter for the first time.
  • Head rotations of the hunters will now be send correctly.
  • Clients are not able to change the game settings anymore.


  • Changed the way how seekers are chosen. This has been updated for more randomization.
  • Updated Hunter skills description.
  • Updated colliders in the moonstation map.
  • Some props settings have been changed.