Patch notes Alpha_v1.0.3

By Taibi7 on 29 March, 2015 in Dev Blog, Patch Notes.

Hey everyone!

We have upgraded to Unity 5! That should mean big performance upgrades and physics upgrades. You can download our newest build at . For the full list of changes check out the patch notes down below.

More content is in the make, be part of it by joining us on our livestreams  at / .

soulhunt patch 1.0.3 header

Patch 1.0.3

New features

  • Added Taunts for seekers and hiders. (Default button [T])
  • Added Password for rooms.
  • When possessing a different object while in ragdoll state, will keep you in ragdoll state.
  • Added ping to playerlist.
  • Added colors to names in chat, playerlist, …


  • Updated to Unity 5.0 .
  • Max players can now be set to 8, if your internet cannot handle hosting 8 players then take this number down.
  • Changed quality settings appropriately so that faster settings now show better/playable results.
  • Hospital scene has been scrambled a bit ! (This way we can offer a little variation while we are working on new maps.)
  • Adjusted Colliders of objects near walls to prevent smaller objects glitching in between : Offices, Cafeteria, Kitchen.
  • Elevator volume sound reduced.
  • Updated donation list.
  • Updated scroll sensitivity.
  • Amount of seekers is set to 2 by default.
  • Removed dining plateau’s.
  • Devs can now chat in all chat even as spectators.
  • Added Unity Analytics to monitor how many players there are online.

Bug Fixes

  • Souls won’t get kicked out of their prop anymore unless both souls try to possess the same prop.
  • Possessed props should now reset properly when a new round starts.
  • Fixed bug where players got teleported back to their previous prop position.
  • Jitter movement should be fixed.
  • Being a player and inspector at the same time should not happen anymore.
  • Blockade also should be up to date for late joiners.
  • Cooking pot should now have appropriate data/hp.
  • Fixed floating operation cabinets.
  • Wallcabinet doors shouldn’t bug out anymore
  • Fixed roof glitching in locker rooms.
  • Refresh room list should now force a refresh.
  • Fixed climbing as props.
  • Getting killed twice in the same round should be fixed.
  • Fixed where the local player not being consumed by the clown when getting killed and not triggering the animation.
  • Fixed showing name tag again after a name change.

We want to thank 11linda for providing free audio samples which we used for some taunts. Be sure to check her samples out at . Suggest your taunt idea’s or samples here .